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VA Medical and Prosthetic Research

FOVA Recommendation:
Medical and Prosthetic Research: $840 million

FY 2019 Enacted: $779 million
FY 2020 Administration Request: $762 million

The FOVA coalition is thankful for Congress’s recent investment in the VA Medical and Prosthetic Research Program, allowing the program to make up lost ground after nearly a decade of underfunding. FOVA’s FY 2020 recommendation of $840 million for VA research would allow for meaningful growth above inflation and continued investment in groundbreaking programs like the Million Veteran Program (MVP), while also supporting VA research on chronic and emerging needs of our nation’s veterans. Sustained and steady VA research funding growth is important to help ensure the best return on investment in improving the health of veterans and all Americans.

VA Research Infrastructure

FOVA Recommendations: $225 million
Major Construction: $50 million
Nonrecurring Maintence and Minor Construction: $175 million

For decades, the VA appropriations have failed to provide the resources VA needs to replace, maintain, or upgrade its aging research facilities. Consequently, many VA facilities have run out of adequate research space, or are unable to meet current standards. FOVA believes designating funds specifically for VA research facilities is the only way to break this stalemate. For capital infrastructure, renovations, and maintenance, FOVA recommends at least $50 million for up to five major construction projects in VA research facilities and $175 million in non-recurring maintenance and minor construction funding to address deficiencies identified in the congressionally-requested report on the status of VA research facilities available at: To help guide funding decisions, FOVA also encourages Congress to request information from VA regarding a recent update to the report.

FOVA FY 2020 Recommendations

VA Medical and Prosthetic Research: $840 million

VA Research Facilities:
$175 million for non-recurring maintenance / minor construction and $50 million for major construction

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