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VA Medical and Prosthetic Research

FOVA Recommendation:
Medical and Prosthetic Research: $823 million

FY 2018 Enacted: $722 million
FY 2018 Administration Request: $640 million

Funding for VA research must be predictable and sustained to meet ongoing commitments while allowing for innovative scientific growth to address critical emerging needs. Despite numerous successes in research and innovation, appropriated funding for VA research and development has lagged behind biomedical research inflation since FY 2010, resulting in stagnant VA purchasing power. The Biomedical Research and Development Price Index (BRDPI), as projected by the Department of Commerce and the National Institutes of Health, estimates that the Medical and Prosthetic Research appropriation should be increased in FY 2019 by 2.7% over the FY 2018 baseline—about $19 million—for VA research simply to maintain current research levels. In line with the President’s FY 2019 Budget request, FOVA believes that Congress should appropriate additional funding in FY 2019 for expanded research on both emerging and chronic conditions, as well as for groundbreaking research programs at the forefront of personalized medicine.

VA Research Infrastructure

FOVA Recommendations: $225 million
Major Construction: $50 million
Nonrecurring Maintence and Minor Construction: $175 million

State-of-the-art research requires an investment not only in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, but also in facilities.For decades, the VA construction and maintenance appropriations have failed to provide the resources VA needs to replace, maintain, or upgrade its aging research facilities. Consequently, many VA facilities have run out of adequate research space, or existing space is unable to meet current standards. FOVA believes designating funds to specific VA research facilities is the only way to break this stalemate. For capital infrastructure, renovations, and maintenance, FOVA recommends at least $50 million for up to five major construction projects in VA research facilities and $175 million in non-recurring maintenance and minor construction funding to address deficiencies identified in the congressionally requested report on the status of VA research facilities (H.Rept. 109-95, H.Rept. 111-559). For more details on VA Medical Care funding, please review the Independent Budget, comprehensive VA budget recommendations prepared by the veterans service organizations.

FOVA FY19 Recommendations

VA Medical and Prosthetic Research: $823 million

VA Research Facilities:
$175 million for non-recurring maintenance / minor construction and $50 million for major construction

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