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Celebrating Over
35 Years of

Ensuring High-Quality Health Care for America's Veterans for Over 35 Years

Formed in 1989, FOVA is a coalition comprised of national academic, medical, and scientific societies, voluntary health and patient advocacy groups, as well as veteran-focused associations, with the primary mission of securing top-notch health care for America's veterans. 

As we continue to grow, FOVA remains committed to advocating for the needs of our veterans, including briefing members of Congress on crucial funding requirements for health care and research at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). FOVA makes annual funding recommendations for VA medical care, the medical and prosthetics research program, and research facilities. Our efforts also extend to raising awareness about VA's exceptional medical care and research programs and celebrating the remarkable successes achieved through VA research.

Join us in our journey to make a difference in the lives of those who have selflessly served our nation.


Together, we can create a brighter future for America's veterans.

FOVA FY 2025 Recommendations

VA Medical and Prosthetic Research:
$1.05 Billion

VA Research Facilities:
At least $100 million for major and minor construction

VA IT Infrastructure: $25 million

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